OPTIONAL COMPANION DVD: 'Capture the Small Business Market'. Spread joy and create extra funds! Recreate the first 6 designs Tricia Legg created for the successful 'Flower Up Paeroa' campaign. Rent, view on demand or buy
Marketing flowers to small businesses. Read what, how and why, including using social media, the press and local networks.
Two, step by step lessons (which would not fit on the companion DVD) to get you started bringing flowers into your own community.

Travel to Amsterdam to view how Dutch florists work with their business clients when a trade show requires floral expertise.

Plenty of fresh European Styled floral design ideas for small or large commissions.

Learn an Asian Leaf Manipulation Technique from an experimental workshop.Add this stunning flower arranging technique you can use to impress your small business clients.

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show to gather interesting ideas for floral window displays.