The long version

In 1999 the first lessons of flower arranging were presented online free as a monthly article. The articles and lessons grew and grew until it became a 40 hour week obsession with many webpages. We then passworded the articles and enthusiastic supporters became our first paid up subscribers.

In 2004 we were being asked all the time to publish the magazine as a fully fledged printed issue each month. With our subscribers support we took the plunge and continued each month, growing bigger and bigger, and sending the magazine out to 60 countries.

In June 2013 we were no longer comfortable with huge, increasing postage and printing charges and went back to our origins as an online magazine.But this time technology had finally caught up with us.

Now the magazine is fully multi-media, presented as an electronic flipbook. Without postage weight restrictions we can include so many more pages and the annual subscription price for 12 issues has tumbled. Video and audio interviews and insights are embedded in the magazine and it is awesome!

The best viewing platforms continue to be a computer,portable laptop or notebook,(so you can read it in a favourite place) either Mac or PC. Some tablets now available still don't have full functionality for live links or page turning. Perhaps they will catch up with us again over the next few years!

The short version

Floral Design Magazine is owned by MTL Investments Ltd. Mike Legg is the publisher, Tricia Legg the Editor. The magazine covers events worldwide thanks to passionate, dedicated correspondents . Each month there are step by steps lessons supplied by arrangement with some of the world's best florists and flower arrangers.

The magazine started in 1999 online, went into print into 2004, and in 2013 went back to being fully electronic.

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Marketing your business

Don't be tempted to reinvent the wheel!

There are many very successful florists who have been there before you and some are willing to share their very best business secrets!

Centre Stage

The top nine most popular flowers are the Rose, Gerbera, Lily, Carnation, Hydrangea, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Anthurium and those from Spring bulbs.

Become an expert in arranging them all in this exclusive package of 9 digital magazines.

Flower Design Trends

Keep up to date and contemporary by being the trend setter in your neighbourhood.

Keep a watch on the latest flower arranging styles coming out of Europe as well as elsewhere to move you forward with the latest fashions.

Make it an Occasion

Christmas, Easter, Church Celebrations, International Woman's Day, Valentine's Day, there are so many occasions when flowers are so appropriate.

This package of floral design magazine specials wil give you the lessons and ideas you need to always have a flower design idea on hand for any event.

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There is no better way to improve your floristry skills, learn new techniques and keep up with the latest wedding trends than to be exposed to as much of what other florists are doing as you can! Access every bouquet lesson, wedding idea, table setting, new techniques - almost all our considerable wedding resources. 6 floral design magazines, 5 DVDs, and an ebook.

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