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If you miss the Christmas blog you miss this BIG news.

You have missed out on my  digital Christmas Special published October 2015 . That means you missed out on some pretty big stuff.

.I want to help you increase your share and really get into the spirit of Christmas.
You missed out on some pretty big stuff.

Not only is Christmas the BIG opportunity to increase sales and attract new clients who will be long term I have personally selected content in the Christmas Special to accentuate your point of difference.

I know people spend a lot of money at Christmas but your flower sales can go down as you compete with the big players. I want to help you increase your share and really get into the spirit of Christmas.

This new approach to selling Christmas flowers can start right now because working harder is not the answer, nor is working longer hours for the same results

The problem is all those cheap imports, the plastic nic nacs and baubles, the mountains of cheap and nasty being sold to the masses where everything looks the same

I show you how the successful floral designers are fighting back. They don’t want the same, they are looking for the different, the unique, the one offs. They want to sell floral design that their clients can’t find anywhere else. They know their clients want the new, the interesting and the beautiful.

Don’t waste your valuable time ploughing through the internet or flower magazines for hours looking for random ideas and inspiration. Most of the time the plant material used is expensive or hard to get in your area or you have no idea how the pieces were made. Besides could your customers even afford to buy them as they take so long to make?

The Christmas edition of floral design shares:

Many different pieces you can make to attract new Christmas customers,

Gives you floral ideas to deal with Christmas this year that you haven’t tried before.

Fixes the problem of low budgets, (yours or your customers)

Explains the techniques in full if you think you lack some floristry skills,

Shows you how to making Christmas pieces that are interesting and affordable

All the designs are personally selected by me to give you   new skills, a range of prices, with budget suggestions and substitution. All the techniques are explained in full, not just a series of pretty pictures.

Floral design magazine has been covering the world’s best florists for 16 years. Our Correspondents are constantly seeking out the newest trends and taking the cameras behind the scenes to see how the designs are being made so you can learn more skills.

Our team are flower arrangers and florists who know what you are looking to learn, so you can always have new and interesting designs on display to keep your customers coming back.

Floral Design  magazine is unique, the only one to bring designs from all around the world, the only one to tell you how to make the design, the only one to not use press releases for content, but go to the competition, exhibitions and small flower shows to see the emerging creativity.

Floral design magazine is your valuable resource,

Make time to read it, learn from it, try out the techniques in it

So that that it will flood you with torrents of inspired floral design to make

and attract more customers to you this Christmas,

Say hello to improved profit margin, improved sales.

This Christmas special is your helping hand, your mentor. We are excited about this Christmas, and about you, as you have discovered a viable, valuable resource that will send your Christmas sales through the roof! Download it now!

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Turn your hoard into cash this Christmas

Have you been watching the ‘hoarders’ programme on TV? If you have’t been exposed to it, it is probably a good thing as it makes for difficult viewing. Unfortunate people are exposed who spend their lives accumulating rubbish and junk in the hope that one day it will be useful. The results are terrifying!

This week I have had 3 flower arrangers tell me that after watching the programme they have started to clean out their own hoard of ‘floral treasures’ . My vase room has had a similar treatment as, after all, when are treasures, junk? When does it become too much? When will any of us use all that accumulation of dried plant material and the latest fashion items that we bought and never used?

Florists are less prone to the hoarders’ disease as they buy, add value and sell. Most don’t have room for excessive collecting anyway and stock not moving is a burden on cash flow. But flower arrangers don’t have the same restraints and many quickly fill up the room/shed/garage they have available to them.

Now is your opportunity to use up all those treasures if you are as guilty as I am. Aim to completely empty your storage space. Nothing left except a shelf of extremely useful vases and a tool box. No dried plant material, no ribbons, no unused candles, decorative wire, old projects… nothing!

Take a leaf from the florists’ book and use the lessons in this edition of floral design

Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations magazine
Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations magazine

magazine and the companion DVD to make all the

Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations now on DVD
Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations now on DVD

Christmas decorations, gifts, wreaths, table settings and sideboard arrangements to use up your hoard. Book yourself a place in your local pre-Christmas market and sell them all!

The result? Extra cash to start collecting all over again or if your hoard is big enough, you may be able to get yourself to one of the fabulous floral events you have been invited to (more at the back of this floral design magazine).

After all, what are you keeping those treasures for? Yes, for right now, for Christmas 2014. And I guarantee you, you will have loads of fun along the way!