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52 weeks of corporate and business flower arrangements

There are reception desks everywhere in your area waiting for fresh flowers from you to be delivered each week.

You may think you aren’t creative enough, or  that your competition has them all or you wonder if the businesses in your area would be willing to pay for them.

But  wouldn’t you love to create fresh flower arrangements once a week  to make extra money?

52 weeks of corporate/business arrangements
52 weeks of corporate/business arrangements

The problem is finding the people to say yes

The problem is finding businesses being able to afford it and want it

The problem is being more creative and innovative than your competition.

I am a florist who solved all those problems, in a small town where flowers are not traditionally displayed anywhere,  the businesses are definitely not wealthy and there are no flower markets .

I needed to be creative enough to create modern, beautiful flower arrangements within any  budget, including low, low, low… and this magazine reveals the best of these very  arrangements I used to capture that market of businesses and corporate reception areas.

It was then as easy as taking a free arrangement in, asking them to notice customer response and leaving it for a week, going  back  and asking for a continual order.

I have done it, I have proved it works in even our small village of 3000, I found customers who continue to get flowers off me every week  as a standing order and they love them.

So You need to know that there are receptionists out there who want flowers, The arrangements I have selected for this magazine are all photographed before they went to real businesses,  they are not pretend arrangements for an extravagant  photo shoot to sell magazines, They are actual creative, interesting, designs for you to copy and adjust to your own area’s available plant material and budget.  You can take the wide range of styles and techniques in this floral design magazine special  and wow them with really spectacular displays for 52 weeks of the year.

This edition of floral design magazine  is a valuable resource that  I believe will give you the necessary variety and wow factor in your flower arranging  to open up new markets  that you didn’t even know existed.

This edition is your helping hand, your mentor . Be  very excited about this edition .You have discovered a resource to help you into a lucrative market that demands creativity. It is waiting for you!

Buy this magazine for only $US15  now   to guide you through 52 weeks of creative, innovative corporate or business designing. Do it now. Don’t think later as  all those receptionists with  flowerless counters are waiting for you to go for it.

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If you miss the Christmas blog you miss this BIG news.

You have missed out on my  digital Christmas Special published October 2015 . That means you missed out on some pretty big stuff.

.I want to help you increase your share and really get into the spirit of Christmas.
You missed out on some pretty big stuff.

Not only is Christmas the BIG opportunity to increase sales and attract new clients who will be long term I have personally selected content in the Christmas Special to accentuate your point of difference.

I know people spend a lot of money at Christmas but your flower sales can go down as you compete with the big players. I want to help you increase your share and really get into the spirit of Christmas.

This new approach to selling Christmas flowers can start right now because working harder is not the answer, nor is working longer hours for the same results

The problem is all those cheap imports, the plastic nic nacs and baubles, the mountains of cheap and nasty being sold to the masses where everything looks the same

I show you how the successful floral designers are fighting back. They don’t want the same, they are looking for the different, the unique, the one offs. They want to sell floral design that their clients can’t find anywhere else. They know their clients want the new, the interesting and the beautiful.

Don’t waste your valuable time ploughing through the internet or flower magazines for hours looking for random ideas and inspiration. Most of the time the plant material used is expensive or hard to get in your area or you have no idea how the pieces were made. Besides could your customers even afford to buy them as they take so long to make?

The Christmas edition of floral design shares:

Many different pieces you can make to attract new Christmas customers,

Gives you floral ideas to deal with Christmas this year that you haven’t tried before.

Fixes the problem of low budgets, (yours or your customers)

Explains the techniques in full if you think you lack some floristry skills,

Shows you how to making Christmas pieces that are interesting and affordable

All the designs are personally selected by me to give you   new skills, a range of prices, with budget suggestions and substitution. All the techniques are explained in full, not just a series of pretty pictures.

Floral design magazine has been covering the world’s best florists for 16 years. Our Correspondents are constantly seeking out the newest trends and taking the cameras behind the scenes to see how the designs are being made so you can learn more skills.

Our team are flower arrangers and florists who know what you are looking to learn, so you can always have new and interesting designs on display to keep your customers coming back.

Floral Design  magazine is unique, the only one to bring designs from all around the world, the only one to tell you how to make the design, the only one to not use press releases for content, but go to the competition, exhibitions and small flower shows to see the emerging creativity.

Floral design magazine is your valuable resource,

Make time to read it, learn from it, try out the techniques in it

So that that it will flood you with torrents of inspired floral design to make

and attract more customers to you this Christmas,

Say hello to improved profit margin, improved sales.

This Christmas special is your helping hand, your mentor. We are excited about this Christmas, and about you, as you have discovered a viable, valuable resource that will send your Christmas sales through the roof! Download it now!

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In case you missed this…

how to get more by being in public spaces to add to your reputation and attract new clients

Over the last 3 weeks I have added  a floral design magazine to your resources that shares some of the ways you can boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Basically about how to get more by being in public spaces to add to your reputation and attract new clients

I decided it would be great to have large arrangements in a very public space as an advertisement but I thought they would be vandalised and I didn’t have the time and the right permissions.

Being able to make large creative pieces of floral design that attract so many people that they open up exciting opportunities would be so good.

The problem was finding a space that I was allowed to put them, having them lasting in all weathers and being noticed by everyone who went shopping.

So our floral design team of correspondents went hunting all over the world for solutions.

As a Florist I also got involved, in a small town where flowers are not traditionally displayed anywhere, I had to  prove to myself that such an exercise would bring  positive results, not only by attracting new customers, but to remind old customers I was still  around even though I work out of a home studio

The result is all in the floral design magazine Public Spaces. It reveals different ways for you to deal with promoting yourself this year that you haven’t tried before.

I show you how to fix the problem when designing for public spaces of vandals, weather, material costs and time, not only in the magazine but also in the companion optional extra  lessons.

I proved that the techniques used, plant material chosen can make them last in all weathers

Floral design magazine has been covering floral happenings around the world 16 years. Our team knew that you wanted to see real florists and florist students creating real displays for the public. They photographed the techniques used to construct these indoor and outdoor floral pieces, as reference points for your own work, close up and in detail.

And this is what makes this edition of floral design magazine unique, the only one to bring details of designs for public spaces from all around the world, the only one to tell you how to make each design, the only one to get behind the scenes to show you how the real world of floristry are increasing their profits and customer base by being welcomed to create  great design in public spaces.

Floral design magazine is a valuable resource, to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, to reveal to you very public places where there is no competition for attention, and you and your floral work rule supreme.

This edition of floral design magazine is your helping hand, your mentor. Be excited about this resource, and if you have ever been frustrated with the results of your actions, you definitely need to check this out.



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Turn your hoard into cash this Christmas

Have you been watching the ‘hoarders’ programme on TV? If you have’t been exposed to it, it is probably a good thing as it makes for difficult viewing. Unfortunate people are exposed who spend their lives accumulating rubbish and junk in the hope that one day it will be useful. The results are terrifying!

This week I have had 3 flower arrangers tell me that after watching the programme they have started to clean out their own hoard of ‘floral treasures’ . My vase room has had a similar treatment as, after all, when are treasures, junk? When does it become too much? When will any of us use all that accumulation of dried plant material and the latest fashion items that we bought and never used?

Florists are less prone to the hoarders’ disease as they buy, add value and sell. Most don’t have room for excessive collecting anyway and stock not moving is a burden on cash flow. But flower arrangers don’t have the same restraints and many quickly fill up the room/shed/garage they have available to them.

Now is your opportunity to use up all those treasures if you are as guilty as I am. Aim to completely empty your storage space. Nothing left except a shelf of extremely useful vases and a tool box. No dried plant material, no ribbons, no unused candles, decorative wire, old projects… nothing!

Take a leaf from the florists’ book and use the lessons in this edition of floral design

Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations magazine
Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations magazine

magazine and the companion DVD to make all the

Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations now on DVD
Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations now on DVD

Christmas decorations, gifts, wreaths, table settings and sideboard arrangements to use up your hoard. Book yourself a place in your local pre-Christmas market and sell them all!

The result? Extra cash to start collecting all over again or if your hoard is big enough, you may be able to get yourself to one of the fabulous floral events you have been invited to (more at the back of this floral design magazine).

After all, what are you keeping those treasures for? Yes, for right now, for Christmas 2014. And I guarantee you, you will have loads of fun along the way!

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Wedding Trends 2014

It has been interesting watching how the wedding ceremonies have changed over the last
20 years in New Zealand.

The sharp contrast to my own wedding continues to surprise
me. Gone is the event being paid for by the Mums and Dads and with that, the tight control
over the ceremony, flowers and expectations being passed on from the older ‘ruling’

With the purse strings firmly held by the bride and groom, the complete affair
has become a display of individuality that reflects their tastes, budget and sense of style.
The vows are written and personal to the event, the order of ceremony is not fixed in any
way and the marriage itself can be held anywhere at any time. Why, you don’t even have
to wear shoes any more! With this huge cultural shift, the importance of using social media
to show these new technology savvy brides what can be possible in floral accessories
can’t be emphasized enough. They are all looking for what they like, in colour, style and
flower choices

Almost the first place they look is Pinterest such as our own board 

Filled with millions of pictures of floral bouquets, the ones that grab the bride’s attention are pinned to their own Pinterest boards… and that is how they are picking their wedding florist! Not by trawling through websites, or automatically using the one nearest to them, as perhaps was the case even 5 years ago.

In this rapidly changing world social media is the key. In my opinion it
therefore follows, that if all they are exposed to, is millions of pictures of handtied posies
with wrapped ribbon handles they will think that is all there is! Just the thought of doing
them for 40 years should drive you crazy!

wedding special floral design magazine 2014

And that is why this annual wedding edition of floral design exists…

… to inspire you with new ideas to try, photograph and add to your own
Pinterest board for the brides to find.

With enough wedding florists doing this we will
continue to have an inspiring, evolving and exciting wedding industry that includes a feast
of floral innovation every time.

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A hidden market is right under your nose

Walked down the main shopping street of your neighbourhood lately? Noticed anything missing? I did in the village of 4000 I live in, in provincial New Zealand, 3 weeks ago. I searched every shop, business premise, professional chambers.. but did not find even one!

I am talking about a flower arrangement, a floral design, floral art, a bunch of flowers… whatever you call them… I mean flowers arranged in an artistic and modern way to soften the reception areas  and provide a welcome and spontaneous moment of joy.

All the small villages around us have flower arranging clubs and  florists working from home or small premises so why no flowers as an every day part of all these provincial centres? I have heard plenty of excuses in the 15 years I have been editor of floral design magazine. “People don’t like modern stuff”, “they don’t sell”, “no-one can afford them” on and on and on!

I can now say,” What rubbish” as over the last 3 weeks I have been introducing the good  business folk of  my small village to the wonders of modern floral design. That is not true actually as they already knew what they liked… they  just had no opportunity to enjoy wonderful flower arrangements on a regular basis.

The “Flower Up Paeroa” campaign was born out of my growing frustration of seeing the joy of fresh, fabulous, fantastically arranged flowers being eroded away by endless  bunches of ill-matched flowers wrapped in gaudy paper being peddled as normal.
flower arrangements for small businesses

But this campaign is also about you! You could be doing exactly the same thing in your neighbourhood! You are now able to copy what we are doing step by step, day by day, week by week! We have recorded the  first 6 designs  I made to  give  people the WOW factor… and they are NOT hard or overly complicated.  Each one made the recipients smile and  created quite a stir with their customers.  See more at

But that is  not the end of it. I also wrote each day what we did… who we saw, how we let people know about us- in face the complete marketing campaign to get noticed! floral arrangements for a small businessDownload this valuable  insight in the floral design magazine special- Flower arranging for business at and do what we are doing, in total detail.  This is your chance to grab that hidden market before someone else does!

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Flowers in Ice- a new approach

fowers in ice, will they freeze and go brown?
flowers in ice

Will  flowers go brown in ice?  Are some flowers better than others? what happens when you add tealights? 

These are the questions I wanted answered when I gathered a small group of passionate flower arrangers together yesterday to experiment with ice.  The results were awesome! We discovered the difference  made by freezing water when it is still very hot, compared with chilling it down first. We marvelled at  the fabulous effects when our finished pieces were put out in the sun. And then they started to melt. WOW! Suddenly we had bubbles moving which were still encased in the ice, and we were audience to nature’s own kinetic sculpture.

 So why don’t we use it more often? A fantastic resource; after all we all have access to water and you only need that, a mould and a freezer! Well perhaps a bit of imagination! I will definitely being creating ice and flower arrangements this Summer for the outside BBQ table.

Fortunately I had the camera (and MIke for the video) with me so I have captured  what we did for the June 2014 edition of floral design magazine.  That edition comes out on June 9th so subscribe today and be guaranteed of more of my experimental adventures each month with flowers. It’s just a click away at

If you are already an ice queen with flowers, email me  pictures of your creations… I can always add extra pages in that edition just for you! Me. I’m off to find a plastic traffic cone that needs to be filled with water…but will it fit in my freezer? Mmmm.

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Do you know what triaxial weaving is? It is WOW!

Weave your lineal plant material in 3 directions at once
Weave your lineal plant material in 3 directions at once

All it took was 12 pieces of New Zealand Flax in 3 different colours and I have this amazing piece of weaving. I had never seen this type of weaving before where 3 directions are woven rather than the usual 2 and of course  using plant material to do it was even more exciting.

Try it with any linear plant material that is flexible and after the first one it will be easy! I have  included  in detail how to do it, step by step in the fabulous May 14 edition of floral design magazine available at ( which is only $US8)  and it includes a video link to a  rather hairy  guy who is much more of an expert than me!