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How to make amazing wearable wedding flowers

The results of a recent survey we asked our facebook followers, have been both eye opening and reassuring.

Asked what they expected in a flower magazine, those who took the survey replied; “The latest floral design techniques and some instruction on how to make the mechanics as well as an arrangement.”

Weddings Annual 2016/2017
Weddings Annual 2016/2017

“Lots of pictures, new trends and techniques” “New trends for every event with instructions for putting the designs together. “Mechanics that we can use to make new design trends. Suggestions for unusual materials that we can use,” and many more replies came in, in the same vein.

I think our correspondents do that really well as they spend hours to capture the designs from the beginning to the end and of course take those vital close ups we all want. So a HUGE thank you to everyone in our wonderful international team as they bring you the absolute latest in trends, techniques, instructions and materials in this, the annual wedding special for 2016/2017.

How to make amazing wearable flowers
How to make amazing wearable flowers
10 tips to create a bride's perfect bespoke wedding flowers
10 tips to create a bride’s perfect bespoke wedding flowers










Another result was a huge surprise. Except for one, everyone who answered the survey wants advertising. We have always prided ourselves that our pages are not littered with adverts- something unique in the publishing world. But it seems we have been wrong for the last 15 years! Those surveyed want them to discover: “New flower design products and their applications”. “Floral design suppliers, up to date information on new plants and flowers. New mechanics for floral designers” “Anything to do with the flower industry and components that can be used”.

And if you are one of those people mentioned on that list contact us at so we can introduce you, your product and your business to our curious readers.

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6 tips when flowers and foliage have to survive the heat

If you don’t live in the tropics with  cheap and abundant supplies of tropical flowers that love hot, humid conditions even when cut, how do you guarantee  floral designs will last a week in corporate offices or small business reception areas when temperatures rise to sweltering?

This Summer I found out. With temperatures  at 30’C which is hot for our temporate climate the unairconditioned offices and shops were full of wilting people and the worst possible environment for the flowers delivered by Paeroa Floral Promotions every Monday.

These are my 6 tips for helping flowers and foliage survive the heat.

#1 Reduce the amount of floral foam being used and have the plant material in as large a reservoir of water as possible. Large flower tubes, vases, fishbowls, and even recycled bottles will all do the trick. Don’t expect your clients to water anything and so  have enough water to last a week.

#2 Bring out the tough foliage such as Aspidistra, Typha, Camellia, Ivy Hostas and Aralia. Now is the time to use them  with layering, folding, curling  and manipulating to make interesting shapes  so you don’t have to add flowers. If you need some inspiration have a look at Manipulating Leaves Volume 1 and 2 which will show you how.

#3 Choose styles of flower arranging that use flower tubes such as the modern and trendy European techniques rather than those that just don’t work without floral foam. We

European styles of flower arranging
European styles of flower arranging

did and our clients love them.

#4 Cut your flowers if you are growing them , in the early morning and take a bucket of water and flower food with you so they can drink it all up even before they are arranged. If you buy your flowers from the market, only buy them on the day they come in for sale so they are very fresh. #5  Use tough plant material as your focal points such as Straw flowers, Everlasting flowers, Succulents, Arums, Callas and Agapanthus. Allium seedheads also work well from onions, leeks or the big show Alliums.

#6 Make sticks the stars, so go for grids, radial constructions,  screens and twiggy circular arrangements and decorate them with that tough foliage.

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