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Turn your hoard into cash this Christmas

Have you been watching the ‘hoarders’ programme on TV? If you have’t been exposed to it, it is probably a good thing as it makes for difficult viewing. Unfortunate people are exposed who spend their lives accumulating rubbish and junk in the hope that one day it will be useful. The results are terrifying!

This week I have had 3 flower arrangers tell me that after watching the programme they have started to clean out their own hoard of ‘floral treasures’ . My vase room has had a similar treatment as, after all, when are treasures, junk? When does it become too much? When will any of us use all that accumulation of dried plant material and the latest fashion items that we bought and never used?

Florists are less prone to the hoarders’ disease as they buy, add value and sell. Most don’t have room for excessive collecting anyway and stock not moving is a burden on cash flow. But flower arrangers don’t have the same restraints and many quickly fill up the room/shed/garage they have available to them.

Now is your opportunity to use up all those treasures if you are as guilty as I am. Aim to completely empty your storage space. Nothing left except a shelf of extremely useful vases and a tool box. No dried plant material, no ribbons, no unused candles, decorative wire, old projects… nothing!

Take a leaf from the florists’ book and use the lessons in this edition of floral design

Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations magazine
Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations magazine

magazine and the companion DVD to make all the

Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations now on DVD
Make your own Christmas Floral Decorations now on DVD

Christmas decorations, gifts, wreaths, table settings and sideboard arrangements to use up your hoard. Book yourself a place in your local pre-Christmas market and sell them all!

The result? Extra cash to start collecting all over again or if your hoard is big enough, you may be able to get yourself to one of the fabulous floral events you have been invited to (more at the back of this floral design magazine).

After all, what are you keeping those treasures for? Yes, for right now, for Christmas 2014. And I guarantee you, you will have loads of fun along the way!