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Rub Shoulders with European Champion Florists

How often do you get the chance to rub shoulders with European Champion florists who have been judged the best in their own countries? It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us, you will agree.

Hot new construction flower arrangement methods
Hot new construction flower arrangement methods

What if you could jump the barriers, linger in sessions closed to the public, and watch every stage as they all competed to become the best florist in Europe? Would that be AMAZING or what! Well here it is, as Pavol Kaššák did just that , running from demonstrations theatres to competition halls and back again to capture all the action in minute detail for you to study. Backed up by the passionate designers, Madeleine Sarradell and Gilles Vial-Caille we are able to bring you the best of the best in this and the June edition.

You will see the unique mechanics close up, the constructions methods all uncovered and exposed- in fact a dream seat in the front row as you are handed the hottest new trends and techniques on a plate!

Each time we have suggested how you can use these pieces in your own flower arranging, because what you are about to see is the future, the exciting emerging trends in floral design.

But ringing in my ears was a criticism about covering these extraordinary events from one of our readers, “But they are not relevant to my situation, so they are not of interest to me”, she wrote. The challenge was thrown down.

6 lessons using European Floral Mechanics
6 lessons using European Floral Mechanics

The result is this month’s companion video . I took 6 of the most interesting mechanics from this issue’s coverage, and used the same methods to create 6 extraordinary floral gifts that could be easily carried out of a flower shop, or into the car to take to a friend. The optional video is a simple and quick way to try out these new ideas for little expense and using equipment you may already have in your home or office.

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Wedding Trends 2014

It has been interesting watching how the wedding ceremonies have changed over the last
20 years in New Zealand.

The sharp contrast to my own wedding continues to surprise
me. Gone is the event being paid for by the Mums and Dads and with that, the tight control
over the ceremony, flowers and expectations being passed on from the older ‘ruling’

With the purse strings firmly held by the bride and groom, the complete affair
has become a display of individuality that reflects their tastes, budget and sense of style.
The vows are written and personal to the event, the order of ceremony is not fixed in any
way and the marriage itself can be held anywhere at any time. Why, you don’t even have
to wear shoes any more! With this huge cultural shift, the importance of using social media
to show these new technology savvy brides what can be possible in floral accessories
can’t be emphasized enough. They are all looking for what they like, in colour, style and
flower choices

Almost the first place they look is Pinterest such as our own board 

Filled with millions of pictures of floral bouquets, the ones that grab the bride’s attention are pinned to their own Pinterest boards… and that is how they are picking their wedding florist! Not by trawling through websites, or automatically using the one nearest to them, as perhaps was the case even 5 years ago.

In this rapidly changing world social media is the key. In my opinion it
therefore follows, that if all they are exposed to, is millions of pictures of handtied posies
with wrapped ribbon handles they will think that is all there is! Just the thought of doing
them for 40 years should drive you crazy!

wedding special floral design magazine 2014

And that is why this annual wedding edition of floral design exists…

… to inspire you with new ideas to try, photograph and add to your own
Pinterest board for the brides to find.

With enough wedding florists doing this we will
continue to have an inspiring, evolving and exciting wedding industry that includes a feast
of floral innovation every time.

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Shoot your way to success


Create the perfect setting for your flower arrangement before you take the picture
Create the perfect setting for your flower arrangement before you take the picture

If you cannot take beautiful photos of your flower arrangements with your digital camera, you are missing an ENORMOUS opportunity!

I  would LOVE to  show you how to use your digital camera to take the most fabulous photographs of your floral design… and then share my small business secrets on what to do with them!

Don’t miss out on the huge potential of your own, professional standard, flower arranging photos. Discover dozens of ways to turn those flower photographs into inspiring portfolios, gifts, crafts, fund raisers for your club, or even promotional, marketing and branding tools.

If you just can’t take these fabulous photographs of your floral design, as you feel sure that you could never be as great as the professional photographers in your area, I can prove you wrong, wrong wrong!

If you are using a candle always light it!
If you are using a candle always light it!

 As editor and chief photographer for the internationally acclaimed floral design magazine  I, along with our international correspondents produce those stunning flower photographs the magazine is so famous for… and it is all done with no photographic studio, no extra lighting, or the need to buy mega expensive equipment.

In the worst, darkest churches, halls, exhibition spaces you can still get a great photograph of your flower arrangements and I would love to share with you all the inner secrets of how I do it, so you can too!

This way you will be able to record new floral design arrangements or your award winning floral designs in the floral world so that you can always offer your clients what they want, increase your club’s potential fund raisers, or produce your own personal gifts capturing your floral design talents.

And so I wrote an inexpensive downloadable ebook!
When you order this floral photography electronic ebook, delivered to you via email, you will finally learn all about your digital camera… written in non-technical language, with my own fabulous photographs to illustrate each point. This means you will actually see what I am talking about and be able to understand the concepts easily!

Learn how your digital camera can double or even triple your flower shop income
Learn how your digital camera can double or even triple your flower shop income

In part 2 of the ebook learn how to create gifts, stationery, crafts, promotional material, items you can sell, in fact all the different ways you can use these fabulous photos you can now take, for your own pleasure or profit. This section is divided into 3 parts: Using your photos for profit, for business promotions and for pleasure.

Just one of these ideas will get you back the $US 10 you invested in this ebook! Yes, that is all it iyour investment amounts to!