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The Fashion colours of 2016

It’s always exciting when the top 10 colours for the new year are released in the fashion, paint and design industries. For me it is the time to explore these colours and the combinations I am going to use for the year so my arrangements remain up to date and contemporary in the real world of interior design and wedding fashion.

The colours of 2016 in flower arrangements
The colours of 2016 in flower arrangements

This leads to the decisions I make about the colours of accessories, wraps and vases I buy, as well as the flowers and foliage I will order or grow. It is an annual fresh start, taking me on a new adventure into uncharted waters. This edition of floral design is your invitation to take the same route with all of the tedious colour theory and research already done for you. The ten 2106 top colours each have 4 companion colour suggestion bars as well as ideas from the world around you for more inspiration. An arrangement has been selected which uses one of these suggestions plus we include how top florists took these starting points further at one of Belgium’s biggest annual exhibitions at Alden Biesen. Have a blast with colour this year! Happy arranging

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