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Floral Design Magazine: Awesome Anthuriums.

The Anthurium takes centre stage in this edition of floral design magazine as you get to see the latest in flower arranging trends using Anthuriums with expert floral designers from all over the world.

View the exhibition work of award winning florists as they use mass Anthuriums. PLUS 6 invited floral designers will take you step by step through their flower arranging lessons teaching you new techniques using Anthuriums as you follow the clear photographs.

PLUS learn more about the cultivation and history behind Anthuriums and the latest in European trends using them. Lots of new ideas and inspiration to give your own flower arranging the modern touch!
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Designers: Angela Bhajan, Sally See, Karen French,Rosemarie Sprenzel, Kuna Sabapathy, Elena Dmitrieva,Omer Wauman, Lut Verkinderen, Werner Crollett, Marleen Pratt, Gail Anderson, Tuinbouwschool. CVO Panta Rhei de Avondschool, Herman van Dionant, Dieter Vercoutere, Joost de Sloover, Marie Francoise Deprez, Bart Nys

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...because these customers do.
"I can't wait to have some more spare money to order another batch of back issues- I've only had my business for almost three years and i've never come across such valuable and inspiring information for this industry!" Natalie Beattie Australia "I have only been interested in floral design since I joined a club 2 years ago but now am addicted to learning and find your magazines a great source of information, new ideas and lessons for the beginner through to the expert." Adele Ray Australia

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