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It can be very scary to say 'Yes" to designing the flowers for a great occasion if you have not had a lot of experience doing that. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

If you want to join the world of spectacular floral displays and big budget flower designing, you need to have a mentor or two if you have never done it before. This edition of floral design magazine is that mentor.

With the help of world famous florist Per Benjamn and top designers from New York and The Czech Republic you are about to see just how they create floral magic for corporate events, prize ceremonies and presentation nights. This is your doorway to seeing the designs, the methiods, the standard of exellence that is needed to get started.

Sweden Per Benjamin
USA Olga Sahraoui

The Czech Republic Klára Francová Vavříková, Competitors at floristry competitions

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OPTIONAL COMPANION VIDEO; Maximise this edition - '40 Essentials' - This video has done the work for you as Tricia takes you through the 40 plants she recommends you grow in any space you have available. Click here
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More colour combinations to use in your flower arranging More successful colour combinations: Special Edition with colour chart

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New Levels of Wedding Flower Success: Special Edition of floral design magazine
New Levels of Wedding Flower Success: Special Edition click here for New Levels of Wedding Flower Success in  Flower Arranging

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