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Make them stand up and take notice
Competing florists in the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle USA push the artistic and floral boundaries to gain the winners podium

Real, everlasting flowers with Svetlana Lunin
Bouquets that are works of art from preserved flowers with an exceptional florist.

Corporate designs don't have to be boring
A mix of styles and techniques to keep those business clients coming back for more.

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wedding bouquets that last forever New corporate designs  that are interesting and different
florists at the North West garden and flower show Seattle USA 2015
IPM Essen 2015 creative flower arranging ideas

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Designers: Japan Florists from International Teachers of Floristry USA:Svetlana Lunin, Robin Stockwell, Jean Louise Paquin Allen, Mari Malcolm, Joanne LaVassar Schumacher, Pan Kantiyavong, Megumi Schacher, Michelle Pederson, Vivi Teston, Thomasi Boselawa, Mahalo Nuiloa, Lacey Leinbaugh New Zealand: Tricia Legg

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romantic wedding flowers
This affordable edition of floral design magazine gives you latest  designs from the floristry schools See the top floristry schools in action

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Circles, wreaths and ring arrangements in this edition of floral design magazine Circles, Wreaths and Ring designs

Stylish flower arrangements to copy Stylish Flower Arrangements to copy click here to download stylish flower arrangements with floral design

A lessons special  in this stunning edition of floral design magazine
flower arranging with 28 lessons click here for the DIY and new ideas and trends in  Flower Arranging

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exclusive wedding floristry resources
EXCLUSIVE WEDDING FLORIST RESOURCES more resources for wedding floristry

There is no better way to improve your floristry skills, learn new techniques and keep up with the latest wedding trends than to be exposed to as much of what other florists are doing as you can! Access every bouquet lesson, wedding idea, table setting, new techniques - almost all our considerable wedding resources. 6 floral design magazines, 5 DVDs, and an ebook.

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