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Learn from the expert flower arrangers as they share how they soar above the mediocre and ordinary by being unique Floral Design Magazine: Be Unique.

'Learn from the expert flower arrangers as they share how they soar above the mediocre and ordinary' is the focus of this edition of floral design magazine.

We decided to find out what does make some designers become nationally or internationally known? One travels the world sharing and teaching as well as hosting international designers to her own flower school in France. Another has a full time job outside the flower industry, yet they flock to her, eager to enjoy her wonderful magical floral fancies.

All five featured are totally involved in different aspects of the flower industry, yet they are highly respected, sought after, successful flower arrangers. Leave the ordinary to the unimaginative supermarkets, the petrol stations and road side flower sellers. Learn the secrets of success from these passionate flower arrangers and do your bit to let the public know that floral designers are the innovators, the fashion makers, the trend setters, the leaders in all things to do with flowers and foliage.

So this edition of floral design magazine is about giving you a path already travelled to be successul and help you in your flower business or as a flower club to keep vibrant, passionate and excited for years to come.
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Designers: Marie Franciose Deprez France, Sandra Bai New Zealand, Claudia Orian Romania, Jose Graterol USA, Nina Healey New Zealand.

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To review this edition's companion DVD 'Portrait of a Centennial' with the Ngatea Floral Art Club and Tricia Legg click here

step by step flower arranging lessons for an innovative French design using Aspidistra, a huge design  using bark strips, a new way to jazz up Strelitzia leaves, floral gifts which look like small cakes, BBQ table arrangements and care bunches using waste plant material.
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...because these customers do.
"Your magazine is such an inspiration and it is honestly the highlight of the month when it arrives in the post! The quality and standard of articles just amaze me and it blows my mind that you seem to have something new, challenging and interesting every month. I must congratulate you!" Mitsie Bach South Africa "I have only been interested in floral design since I joined a club 2 years ago but now am addicted to learning and find your magazines a great source of information, new ideas and lessons for the beginner through to the expert." Adele Ray Australia

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