Mothers Day Flowers' edition with inspirational floral ideas  for your Mothers DDay flowers floral design magazine.


In this edition of floral design magazine, you will find wonderful ideas for flowers your Mother will love. How do we know? Because we asked 14 of the best flower designers from around the world to create an arrangement their own mothers would love.

They then photographed it step by step so you too can recreate their designs either for your own Mum or to sell in your flower shop on the days before Mothers Day.

And to inspire you with a hot, new, emerging trend we have added the work of passionate students from the Czech Republic who took the Japanese art of paper folding and combined the beautiful work with flowers for some sensational costumes for the Gardeners Ball in Prague.

Flower arrangemtns from that are feminine and soft, perfect for an older Mother. Modern flower arrangements: 
If your mother likes her floral arrangements to be modern and funky  these are the step by step lessons you need.
Honour your mother-in-law with a flower arrangement: 
Make an English styled flower arrangement for your Mom.

Check out these.

Designers: Emir Noor, Indonesia. Sandy Evans, Lyn Bottamley, Kath Doggett, Helen Allen,England. Sylvia Deck, Svetlana Chernyavsky, USA. Sandra Froese, Helen Collicutt, Sandy Williamson, Canada. Barbara Laird, New Zealand. Pascale Meissel Coste, Collette Rixon, Australia. Priya Shah, Kenya. The Czech Republic: Faculty of Horticulture students Lednice.

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