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Powerful new ideas
Bright, happy, outrageous and completely whimsical happens when a passionate group of floral arrangers get together andhave a happening .

If you are a more serious floral designer intent on running the most profitable flower shop or winning the latest competition, you may think that our reportage of such events is a serious waste of your time. I urge you to think again as by poking below the surface of such frivolous events some wonderful new techniques and interesting trends emerge.

Weird and wonderful
This edition is all about the over the top, the design with no purpose but to entertain, the fun and the laughter with flowers at the Gardeners Ball in Prague, Czech Republic and the Morrinsville Floral Festival in New Zealand.

10 embedded videos We take you behind the scenes and ask the designers how they made their amazing pieces. This is why this edition is called 'Innovate' because as they worked they had to invent new techniques and ways to make the plant material they were using, work.

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It also includes

  • § 4 video lessons for beginning flower arrangers
  • § a list of our 10 favourite foliages
  • § colour theory shown in floral arrangements
  • § A colour package discount
    to enhance your reading pleasure.

    4 step by step lessons for beginners  as short video clips Innovations from the student florists at The Faculty of Horticultre, The Czech Republic.
    Innovations using spheres and shells from the Morrinsville Floral Festival.
Cafe Art...Dried flower wall hangings that are simple and easy
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    Designers: CZECH REPUBLIC: Students of the Faculity of Horticulture, Lednice NEW ZEALAND: Jan Logie, Lyn Wright,Carol Stewart, Judith Dennis, Denise Boreham, Te Awamutu Floral Art Club, Pauline Sexton, Jean Cave, Morrinsville Floral Art Club, Morrinsville Floral Art Club, Katikati Floral Art Club, Francine Thomas and team, Jill De Groot, Jill Gardner, Margaret Stockley, Margaret Tyrrell, Gaylene Lee, Canterury Flower Arrangers Soc, UK: Helen Allen and her students,

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Creative Flower Arranging

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