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Bouquets and Body Flowers + MIFGS

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PLUS the fabulous, the funny, and the funky from Foreign Flower Festivals
Get up close and personal with the astonishing bouquets and body flowers of Per Benjamin and Annette von Einem in Sweden and Denmark

Ordinary objects transformed into new forms
The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is the place to see plastic crates, drinking cups, Ocra and grass bundles used in wild, trendy ways.

Bouquet Armatures and emerging styles
Some interesting ideas to add more interest to your hand tied bouquets.

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decorating eggs for Easter floral leis and body flowers
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Melbourne 2015
IPM Essen 2015 wedding bouquet and armature ideas

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  • Companion DVD: Visit the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015 with a close up look at all the most exciting floral design displays.

Designers: Sweden Per Benjamin, Annette von Einem Austalia:Qianling Ye, Grant Collins, Bianna Diver, Just Because Flowers, Marjorie Milner College, Shoso Simbo, Erinn Ferry, Mark Pampling New Zealand: Penny Trubshaw The Netherlands: Anita Roelofs Germany: contestants and exhibitors at IPM Essen

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