Discover the hidden truths about line in floral design with floral design magazine.
Discover the hidden truths about line in floral design with

Are you aware of the essential foundations of design?

Architects, the fashion industry, interior designers all know these basic fundamentals for successful pieces as do the best flower arrangers~ your opportunity to discover the proven design concept of LINE with this edition!

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It is bewildering when you are still learning about flower arranging to know where to place the plant material so it looks amazing, don't you agree?

If you want to become a fabulous floral designer you need to know the basic design elements and principles. This edition of floral design magazine will uncover the mysteries as you learn the importance of line in flower arranging so your floral creations have wonderful flow and movement.

With the help of successful florists and 4 major flower shows around the world, you are about to see how they create a chandelier, floral bracelet and a side table arrangement plus fabulous show pieces when line is the focus. The effect is extremely beautiful and easy for you to copy.

USA Lisa Belisle, Jaclyn Gough,
Australia Exhibitors at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
New Zealand Tricia Legg

Canada Jennifer Harvey, Bruno Duarte at Canada Blooms
Czech Republic Florists exhibiting at the Pond and Lysice Castles

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