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Learn from the expert flower arrangers as they share what they do to be noticed by the public Floral Design Magazine: Attract public attention.

We have gathered successful ideas from The Czech Rebublic, Belgium, New Zealand , England and Australia as the focus of this edition of floral design magazine.

We wanted to know how it is that some countries have flourishing flower arranging clubs and astonishingly busy flower shops while others are in steady decline- and the answer was...exposure and relevance to the public!

What do they do? What floral designs did they make? Where did they put them? The answers to these questions are all there, waiting for you to adapt and use in your own area plus of course step by step lessons to show you how to make some of them including fabulous floral door wreaths for any occasion.

So this edition of floral design magazine is about giving you a path already travelled to be successul and help you in your flower business or as a flower club to keep relevant, noticed, and something the public need to know about for years to come.
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Designers: The Faculity of Horticulture Czech Republic, Stef Adriaenssens Belgium, Auckland Area of FASNZ Maria Baxter Ann Kennedy New Zealand, Helen Allen England, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Australia.

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step by step flower arranging lessons for 3  different wreaths, PLUS 6 modern paves in a crate, as a cube  in a dish PLUS an English country basket.
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...because these customers do.
"Your magazine is such an inspiration and it is honestly the highlight of the month when it arrives in the post! The quality and standard of articles just amaze me and it blows my mind that you seem to have something new, challenging and interesting every month. I must congratulate you!" Mitsie Bach South Africa "I have only been interested in floral design since I joined a club 2 years ago but now am addicted to learning and find your magazines a great source of information, new ideas and lessons for the beginner through to the expert." Adele Ray Australia

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