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Take a look at the fabulous new ways to use perspex for corporate events, openings, wedding tables and home dinner table settings. Plus try your hand at a beautiful wedding bouquet with a perspex base in a step by step lesson.

Blackboard paint
Break out a tin of blackboard paint and transform your flower shop, billboard, next event, or wedding décor as we present myriad ideas for using it in unconventional yet fabulous ways.

Triaxial Weaving
How about weaving in 3 directions at once? Try these two projects step by step, using lineal plant material and you will have transformed a bunch of ordinary long leaves into the seriously extraordinary.

Explore all the ways you can use Willow in flower arranging from the art in the garden of the truly talented to the simpler grids, human forms and pyramids that will be easier to try yourself.

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It also includes

  • § videos to make a perspex vase, and 2 informational clips on Triaxial weaving and Willow art.
  • § a telephone interview on making a huge perspex piece for the Melbourne Int., Flower and Garden Show.
  • § All the different ways to use Corn for a floral mannequin.
  • to enhance your reading pleasure.

    Willow as extraordinary garden art Learn how to weave with 3 strands at once using lineal plant materials.
    Perspex for weddings, large events and corporate work keeps flower arranging ultra modern.
Blackboard paint will give your flower shop and wedding décor ideas a modern twist.
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    Designers: AUSTRALIA: Des Willis of Flowers Vasette, Flower Jar Florist, Sinnika Florist, Jessica Kieland, Gordon TAFE students, Anna Lindell, Renee Andrew NEW ZEALAND:Dianne Connelly-Cook, Karl CTS Plastics, Tricia Legg, UK: Yan Skates, Wicked Willow, Tom Hare THE NETHERLANDS: Pim van den Akker USA: www.mom4real.com, various.

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