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Techniques and Mechanics

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Rods, tubes, pipes, plates, arches, cones and cylinders in floral design.
Now is your chance to see how the top florists in Belgium create the structures they needed for the 450th Birthday of the Antwerp Town Hall in Belgium.

Competition Designs with Country themes
Visit the Show at San Remo in Italy to see how the Italian flower arrangers interpreted the title, "A Postcard from..."

How to recreate structures for large events
Close ups of the steel work and floral techniques behind the fabulous Belgian floral displays.

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Make large circles for floral art Italian style in flower arranging with modern mass
Close look at the steel constructions used in floral art
The flower arranging style of Belgium and Europe

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Designers: Belgium Dirk De Goede, Carry Groenewet, Ben Rombouts, David De Jonghe, Stefan Van Berlo, Tom De Houwer, Ness Klorophyl, Stijn Simaeys Italy:Carla Cravashino, Alessia Polloli, Carmela d'Agostino, Formica Pino, Maria Teresa Garibaldi France: Madeleine Sarradell

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