Attract Attention' edition with inspirational floral ideas  with floral design magazine.


Your first advice in this edition of floral design magazine comes from Pascale Meisse Coste who explains how she creates the fabulous art pieces of floral design with Stephen Wong and you see the beautiful results.

Tomas De Bruyne takes the art photo a step further as part of the launch for a new Gloriosa named after him and Joe Massie from the UK uses demonstrations to draw attention to his work. You get to see what he produced as a result.

Finally florists from Seattle, USA and Melbourne Australia create large displays as well as smaller pieces for their local, stunning flower shows to give you plenty more ideas for being noticed by those who count!

The sensational ideas using aluminium wire for the foundation shape. Modern flower arrangements: 
Take the inspiration from the Hollywood blockbusters for these floral arrangements.
take ideas from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show for the extravagent statement in plant material
Learn how to promote your  best floral design with advice from an expert.

Check out these.

Designers: AUSTRALIA:Pascale Meisee Coste, KUALA LUMPUR: Stephen Wong, BELGIUM:Tomas De Bruyne, UK: Joe Massie, SEATTLE:Laura Straight, Sharrai Morgan, Kumi Sakamoto, Christopher Smith, Dawn Griep, Megumi Schacher, Vivian Darst, MELBOURNE: Wona Bae, NMIT students, Gordon TAFE, Julianna McKinley, Natalie Kieleithner, Georgia Fraser, Cary Aiken, Pearl and Boston,Marjorie Milner College students,Richard Go,Sale Floral Art Group,Sinikka Floral DesignLeongatha Floral Art Group.

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This affordable edition of floral design magazine gives you even more ideas for  creating flowers that attract attention with plenty of wow! Attract Public Attention

Fabulous arrangers share their highly effective ways of creating fabulous displays for attractin attention PLUS PLUS PLUS!

If you are after ideas for the marketing your flower business, this is the edition of floral design magazine for you. Create Demand

Revealing the powerful insider marketing essentials for attracting new clients or members is the focus of this edition of floral design magazine.

Increase your style repertoirein this edition of floral design magazine Increase your style repertoire

This edition of floral design is loaded with step by step flower arranging lessons using techniques and styles that you may have seen before but never tried.

The Russian florists are some of the best in the world and their outstanding modern flower designs are revealed step by step in this stunning edition of floral design magazine
From Russia with Love

The top Russian florists share their fabulous step by step lessons when the perfect romance is the theme.

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Learn from expert florists as they guide you trough making wedding bouquets, body flowers and  complete weddings including floral decorations for the marquee and church.

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