keep up with the latest flower arranging trends out of Europe, New Zealand and Australia with step by step flower design lessons and inspirational photos.


Do you want to see what is hot, interesting, innovative, and new in flower arranging internationally?

This affordable edition of floral design magazine will give all that to you PLUS practical step by step flower arranging lessons on how to do many of the latest fascinating techniques.

We have searched the world and taken the best new techniques from Belgium, New Zealand, Romania, Australia and France that we have never seen before and asked the expert floral designers to tell you more. This is the way to refresh your flower shop style, add wow to your competitive floral pieces, or simply continue your flower design expertise.

Visit florist and interior designer Martine Mommen, a rising star in Belgium. Take a browse through her popular flower shop and copy the valuable techniques she uses for her unique table settings, as she guides you step by step through the complete process.

Add to that a fascinating way to save the colour of Autumn leaves and turn them into flowers, try a wedding bouquet that started life as a souvenir shell bracelet, and learn more about making a floral montage from part 3 of our English flower arranging series.

Check out these.

DESIGNERS:Martine Mommen: Belgium, Me Ja Lee, Jackie Milina, Barbara Brown, Kumeu Floral Art Club, Warkworth Floral Art Club: New Zealand, Marie Francoise Deprez: France, Marie Mikanova: Czech Republic, Andrey Isakov: Russia, Claudia Orian: Romania, Robin Pengelly: Australia, Karl Brunton: England, Demi Wu,Jane Keding,Lorna Connolly: Canada.

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Gathered under one roof  at the Melbourne International Flower and garden Show are the famous names of the Australian flower industry. Many are surrounded by students as they pass on their skills to the next generation but all were happy to share with you their techniques and ideas.
Out of Australia

You will get to see hints, tips and techniques using wreaths, leaves, foliage, table settings, with many great ideas for flower arranging mechanics.

Be Unique

'Learn from the expert flower arrangers as they share how they soar above the mediocre and ordinary' is the focus of this edition of floral design magazine.

Lessons from Europe

Step by step lessons:
The flower arranging styles are ecletic and modern to add many techniques to your own repertoire of flower arrangements.

Make your own wedding bouquets

Each of these very special florists has created exclusive lessons on making fabulous wedding bouquets so you can have a go. They are wonderful!

all editions

Flower arranging trends and styles from Europe, Belgium, The Netherlands and the Pacific as 4 downloadable, digital editions of floral design magazine.

There is no better way to improve your floristry skills, learn new techniques and keep up with the latest wedding trends than to be exposed to as much of what other florists are doing as you can! Access every bouquet lesson, wedding idea, table setting, new techniques - almost all our considerable wedding resources. 6 floral design magazines, 5 DVDs, and an ebook.

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