French Style' edition with inspirational floral ideas  with floral design magazine.


Come with us to Versailles in France in this edition of floral design magazine. Invited floral artists from France and several other countries gathered to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Palace of Versailles gardens.

The themes reflected the gardens and at the same time introduced many new ideas for floral designs; perspective, sculpture, water play, gardens, reflections, sunrise sunset, fireworks and many more for inspiration for events, parties or competition work.

Finally, looking for special occasions? How about some ideas for a baby show when you would rather present themed flowers than nappies as a present, or a silver wedding anniversary celebration in high style?

NOTE:This edition of floral design magazine is wholly digital ~ a multimedia flipbook the location of which is delivered through your email. It includes video clips to enhance your reading pleasure.

Plan a silver wedding event that brings out all the bling. There were plenty of unusual themes including Radiation with traditional French chic.
If you are looking for flower designs that are appropriate for a baby shower, this edition of floral design has two wonderful ideas.
The classic  French way of creating a ball of fresh flowers is kept modern in this edition of floral design magazine.

Check out these.

Designers: SWITZERLAND;Van Lam Nguyen and team FRANCE; Marie Marichal, Maryse Planel & Mireille Siccard, Jocelyne Vuillet, Marie Jeanne Grasset, Hélène Lemaire, Régine Hegron Fevrier & Christine Sol, Monique Larher & Martine Dezaux, Iréne Rolland, Michelle Bernadac, Marie Maguerite Dessens & Marie-Josée Pompier-Valette, Fabienne Auguste & Martine Tanniou, Solange Louchene & Yumiko Nakamura, Maryline Bodelet, Joséphine Landine, Marie Luce Paris & M.G. Touchard, JAPAN; Rumiko Manako, ITALY; Daniela D'Auria & Mirella Glouannini, BELGIUM; Brigitte Depienne, Christine Bricout, RUSSIA; Mila Schumann, USA; Svetlana Chernyavsky, CANADA;Julie Noble, Regina Ternus, Helen Collicutt.

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This affordable edition of floral design magazine gives you even more ideas for  creating flowers that attract attention with plenty of wow! The French Cup

Follow the top French florists creating magnificent pieces as they compete for top honours PLUS PLUS PLUS!

If you are after ideas for the marketing your flower business, this is the edition of floral design magazine for you. Arranging Carnations

Carnations are the focus of this edition of floral design magazine with step by step lesosns on how to use them in innovative ways.

Increase your style repertoirein this edition of floral design magazine Increase your style repertoire

This edition of floral design is loaded with step by step flower arranging lessons using techniques and styles that you may have seen before but never tried.

The Russian florists are some of the best in the world and their outstanding modern flower designs are revealed step by step in this stunning edition of floral design magazine
From Russia with Love

The top Russian florists share their fabulous step by step lessons when the perfect romance is the theme.

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