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Fabulous New Flower Arranging Techniques from the Floristry World Cup

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Arranging without floral foam or flower tubes.
At the World Cup for florists the competitors had to use water sources that were recyclable.Their ideas can now become your new techniques

Ikebana techniques for floral entrance displays
See how a leading ikebana teacher created the entrance designs and the clamps, splits and positioning she used.

Flower arrangements for Beginners to try
Five Step by step arrangements from the USA that are easy and very impressive.

Flower arrangements for Experts to try
Elly Lin, Alex Choi and Shauna Larsen are three of the top florists in the world. They reveal their floral design methods to push you past the ordinary and mundane.

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Designers: Belgium Ilse Beunen, Ben Huybrechts, Christiane Van Dijck, Carlos BetsensUSA:Wendy Morck Australia: Shauna Larsen USA: Alex Choi (World Cup Winner) New Zealand: Ching Wen Shih and his ikenobo students Taiwan: Elly Lin

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Flower Arranging Mechanics and Techniques click here for the DIY and new ideas and trends in  Flower Arranging

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