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Are you ready to shift your flower business into high gear?I believe this 'Public Spaces' special edition from floral design magazine floral design will increase your reputation, attract new clients and transform your opportunities.

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Are you floundering?

This online magazine special is about how to get more people noticing you with your designs and how to get those designs into public spaces!

Add to your reputation and attract new clients.... you have found a way to give an AMAZING lift to your flower shop or club membership!
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  • Designers: Czech Republic Students from the Faculty of Horticulture, Lednice, Jiri Netik, masters Jaromír Kokeš,Klára Francová Vavříková France:Gilles Vial-Caille, Pierre Titeux, Rejane Ducros,Claude Bosetti Pellufo, Pierre Richioud, Cissy Granero, Rita Ballestra,

  • Italy: Fomica Pino, Tiziana Vincentini, Rossi Eleonora,Slovak Republic: students from secondary gardening school from Piesťany Germany: exhibitors at the World Cup Trade Show.

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