Christmas Special adding the Wow to festive flower design with step by step flower design lessons and inspirational photos.

Floral Design Magazine: Flower Arrangements for Christmas

DIY Christmas flowers

Full colour, this downloaded Christmas special edition of floral design magazine is going to give you plenty of fabulous ideas for your own Christmas flower arranging.

Flower arranging tutorials

You will be guided through step by step lessons and well as being introduced to (or reminded of) some wonderful floral design techniques to make your Christmas floral designs even more special and eye catching.

Flower arrangement Ideas

Many flower arranging ideas to use this Christmas in modern, creative ways from the best florists, Recreate many of these designs as they are fully explained. Whether you want an idea to sell or enjoy this Christmas as a florist, flower arranger or an interior designer, this issue is just waiting to inspire you.

Check out these.

DESIGNERS:Svetlana Chernyavsky, Beverley Henderson, Maureen Urling-Clark, Ann Nicholson, Margaret Willetts, Anne Huttener, Patrick Van Oudenhove, Frieda De Smet, Evy Geerts, Jacob Heenskerk, Vera Meeusen, Elise Seret, Sofie de Boeck, Arnaud Mirguet, Robin Van Nuffelen, Pauline Collen, Diana Bruyndonckx, Stefan Van Berlo, Aniko Kovacs. .

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More fantastic ideas for a modern Christmas with DIY flower arranging lessons.

Christmas flower lessons

Try out the latest techniques in flower arrangements for Christmas step by step and create WOW.

Christmas Room Themes

Give your living areas the luxury Christmas look with floral ideas from these themed rooms.

A European styled Christmas

Step by step lessons:
Pick up lots of fabulous floral Christmas decorating ideas as well as step by step lessons on how to do them.

DVD: Make your own wreaths and cones

Discover the methods for making your own Christmas wreaths and cone shapes in 6 easy lessons.

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Flower arranging trends and styles from Europe, Belgium, The Netherlands and the Pacific as 4 downloadable, digital editions of floral design magazine.

There is no better way to improve your floristry skills, learn new techniques and keep up with the latest wedding trends than to be exposed to as much of what other florists are doing as you can! Access every bouquet lesson, wedding idea, table setting, new techniques - almost all our considerable wedding resources. 6 floral design magazines, 5 DVDs, and an ebook.

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