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I believe this digital Christmas Special Edition of floral design magazine will take anyone's business or design competency to new heights and levels of success, no matter where you are right now!

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If you have missed out on my Christmas Special you have missed some pretty BIG STUFF.

The Christmas Special is your helping hand, your mentor. We are excited about this Christmas and about you, as you have discovered a valuable resource that will send your Christmas sales and competency through the roof!

We are excited about this Christmas, and about you, as you have discovered a viable, valuable digital resource that will send your Christmas sales through the roof!
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  • OPTIONAL COMPANION LESSONS; This is the most actionable Flower Arranging Christmas video in years. Check out the free trailer at www.floraldesign-dvds.com/Christmas15.html - This video is your doorway to finally getting yourself, your clients and your family excited this Christmas about your floral displays- really excited!.
  • Designers: Czech Republic Students from the Faculty of Horticulture, Lednice, Kimberley Ward, Carolien De Grave, Marie Mikanova, Rebeka Elzerova, Milos Scasnovic, Jaromir Kokes, Iva Bouzkova Belgium:Tuinbouwschool students, Stijn Simaeys, Imprevu Floral, Rita Van Gansbeke Canada:Aniko Kovacs

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This affordable edition of floral design magazine gives you latest designs for Christmas decorations Christmas Decorations

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Learn from the top florists how to make Christmas Floral arrangements in this edition of floral design magazine Christmas Floral arrangements

Stylish Christmas Flowers to copy Flowers for Christmas click here to download stylish flower arrangements with floral design

Christmas Mechanics and Techniques  in this stunning Christmas  edition of floral design magazine
Christmas flowers to make yourself click here for the DIY and new Christmas ideas and floral Christmas trends in  Flower Arranging

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