The lessons edition with step by step  flower arranging and how to flower design lessons and inspirational photos with floral design magazine.


This eagerly awaited 'Lessons Special' issue of floral design magazine features world champion florist Stein Are Hansen as he shares the favourite arrangements he uses in his floristry shop in Oslo, Norway.

Join the crowd at his demonstration in New Zealand and have a close look at the designs he created for the show, including his insights and explanation of the techniques he used as he made them.

Then follow the step by step lessons by leading flower arrangers from New Zealand, USA, Kenya and England as they share their styles and methods of arranging flowers like the professionals.

PLUS:Try out one of Stein Are Hansen's signature bowl shapes shown step by step and see how it has been adapted for other exhibitions by local floral art clubs.

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DESIGNERS: Norway: Stein Are Hansen. USA: Kiana Underwood. England: Ann Horsley, Gill Evans. New Zealand: Takapuna Floral Art Club, Waihi Floral Art Club, Morrinsville Floral Art Club, Hamilton Floral Art Club, Catherine Schnackenberg. Kenya: Priya Atul Shah.

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Gathered under one roof  at the Melbourne International Flower and garden Show are the famous names of the Australian flower industry. Many are surrounded by students as they pass on their skills to the next generation but all were happy to share with you their techniques and ideas.
Out of Australia

You will get to see hints, tips and techniques using wreaths, leaves, foliage, table settings, with many great ideas for flower arranging mechanics.

Be Unique

'Learn from the expert flower arrangers as they share how they soar above the mediocre and ordinary' is the focus of this edition of floral design magazine.

Lessons from Europe

Step by step lessons:
The flower arranging styles are ecletic and modern to add many techniques to your own repertoire of flower arrangements.

Make your own wedding bouquets

Each of these very special florists has created exclusive lessons on making fabulous wedding bouquets so you can have a go. They are wonderful!

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Flower arranging trends and styles from Europe, Belgium, The Netherlands and the Pacific as 4 downloadable, digital editions of floral design magazine.

There is no better way to improve your floristry skills, learn new techniques and keep up with the latest wedding trends than to be exposed to as much of what other florists are doing as you can! Access every bouquet lesson, wedding idea, table setting, new techniques - almost all our considerable wedding resources. 6 floral design magazines, 5 DVDs, and an ebook.

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