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Floral Design Magazine: Innovative Arranging with Hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas have been around forever it seems, in New Zealand gardens. Their huge balls of colour in my late Spring garden are a welcome sight after the Spring bulbs have all finished but there has always been a problem. They are so ordinary, so old fashioned, so pedestrian, don’t you think?

If you immediately thought “oh no, you are so wrong”, you are one of the many contemporary flower arrangers who have added Hydrangeas to their list of flowers that they must have. And that is why the humble Hydrangea has taken up the ninth position in the last of this year’s floral design magazine's editions showcasing the worlds most popular flowers.

Hydrangeas take up lots of space, making them ideal for large scale or budget flower design and covering floral foam in a hurry. They can be used as full flower heads or broken down into individual florets, so they are also incredibly versatile. The florets dry beautifully as a pressed flower, the complete heads left in a container will age to a lovely ‘antique’.

They are easy to grow, not hard to find in cut flower markets and affordable either way so have a go. To introduce you to new flower arranging styles and versatile flower design techniques using these wonderful, undervalued flowers, we have been on a global search for floral designers who know how to use Hydrangeas beautifully in a contemporary way. The result is this remarkable edition of floral design and the two DVDs ‘Arranging Hydrangeas Beautifully’ and ‘Portrait of a Wedding’ loaded with so many ideas for using Hydrangeas it will keep you going for quite some time trying them all. Have fun!

I am delighted to also bring you the work of South African flower arrangers from the Gauteng Flora Union as well as Australian designers who attended the recent national conference in Cairns. Their styles are similar as is the plant material they use, but they introduce some wonderful techniques that you will want to add to your own repertoire.

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Designers: Rosabella Ongpin,Svetlna Chernyavsky, Mila Schumann, Martine Mommen, Raewyn Pegler, Dawn Griffiths, Sorean Van Laer, Jeannette Hudson, Leonie Joss, Shannon Eggen, Lana Lichman, Esme Dudley, Meg Ryan, Robyn Lyon,Beryl Robertson, Allan Kelley, Desiree Tenni, Mitse Bach, Leon Hefer, members of the Gauteng Floral Union South Africa.

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"I can't wait to have some more spare money to order another batch of back issues- I've only had my business for almost three years and i've never come across such valuable and inspiring information for this industry!" Natalie Beattie Australia "I have only been interested in floral design since I joined a club 2 years ago but now am addicted to learning and find your magazines a great source of information, new ideas and lessons for the beginner through to the expert." Adele Ray Australia

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