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Did you know one of the best sources of new flower arranging ideas is right on your doorstep but usually hidden from the public? Because somewhere near you there is a group of incredibly creative (mostly) ladies who create Floral Art!

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Floral Art is not about painting flowers for many arrangers around the world. Instead it is about using flowers in an artistic way. It is a hobby and the designs are never intended to be sold or seen by the public. In fact many are created for only the few hours of a club competition and then dismantled.

This may seem like madness to many florists who create designs solely for the purpose of selling the flowers and foliage and making a profit. Occasionally a florist will create a piece for public viewing outside their work in a 4-5 day exhibition but even this is to gather publicity for their core business.

So how can floral art be relevant to a working florist? Think about this. If you had no restrictions of time taken, no need for profit, the cost was irrelevant, nor would you have to transport the finished piece, would it change what you created? That is the reality in the world of floral artists and as a result, they are able to be incredibly creative, innovative and unrestricted.

It follows that this leads to exciting new ideas, wacky accessories, and over the top creations. Yet within these, the best will give you the germ of an idea, a light bulb moment, a different perspective. That is why this special edition is a gift to you from the best floral artists we have found. Enjoy!

USA Svetlana Chernyarsky France and Italy Josée Granero, Maddalena Bragg, Lala Spertino, Alexine Robert, Muriel Romero, Rejane Moncho Ducros, Nathalie Roussel,

Maryvonne Sottil, Eridina Romano, Ingrid Badaoui/ Cathy Azzari, Tina Cerruti, Claude Bosetti, Aline Fantino, Daniel Pichon, New Zealand Waiuku Flower Show organisers, Dorothy Hood

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