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Certificate Courses

Start with certificate 1 for beginners and progress through to Certificate 3 at your own pace.

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Wedding Courses

Avoid disasters and learn from experienced wedding florists as they guide you through the steps.

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Foundations of floral design

Know how to make every design totally awesome after you have studied these foundation concepts.

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Business Management

Before you buy your flower shop this essential course will stop you making fatal mistakes.

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European Styles

Extend your style range to include the latest and hottest new trends, accessories and techniques.

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Christmas Heirlooms

Raise the bar with your mastery of a collection of styles and methods to create stunning pieces.

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Why take a flower design course online?
  • One student was delighted to discover the course is delivered completely online as evidently the local postal system had let her down badly when she ordered course materials from another floristry school and half of them were lost in the post. Another huge advantage for her was the day after she enrolled she was already viewing the online lessons streamed straight to her wherever she chose to be.

    fast and efficient

  • A death in the family meant one of our students was unable to continue as she grieved. Six months later she took up the course exactly from where she left off with no extra fees and continued to complete it successfully.

    own pace, one on one teaching

  • Not having the travel, accommodation, and time off work costs associated with a floristry school which was some distance away from her home, gave one of our students on a very limited budget the ability to fulfil one of her lifelong dreams to become a florist without going into debt. She was able to study around her job and family commitments and study from home.

    Study from home, less associated costs

Your future in floristry starts here from Floral Fix floristry school

Flower arranging or a successful (rather than ordinary) flower shop, if you can't travel to a conventional floristry college, online learning is the proven answer. Work at your own pace from home or your studio.

Create, Discover and Learn.

Your teachers are all award winning designers who have created lessons for you to try yourself. Captured as streaming video no learning is lost: Just rewind to see a technique repeated