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Floral Design Magazine: The Elements and Principles of floral design.

This edition is the annual 'Back to Basics' special. The arrangement categories taught in European and Australian floristry schools is explored as a series of step by step lessons. A colour wheel is the starting point for the second section which shows European designs based on the theory of how colour makes a flower arrangement work.
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Companion DVD 1: Elements fo Floral Design

Award winning florist, Betty Coxhead will guide you through 6 contemporary arrangements on this DVD at the same time leading you through the elements of floral design.

Companion DVD 2: Principles of Floral Design

Floral design magazine editor, Tricia Legg will guide you through 6 contemporary arrangements on this DVD at the same time leading you through the principles of floral design. Easy to follow lessons so you can become an expert!

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Learn the elements and principles of floral design and the colour theory behind them and you will always create wildly successful flower arrangements.
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...because these customers do.
"I can't wait to have some more spare money to order another batch of back issues- I've only had my business for almost three years and i've never come across such valuable and inspiring information for this industry!" Natalie Beattie Australia "Floral design magazine is the best! It is so inspirational, it keeps us connected to the latest trends around the world. It sets a very high standard for designing and motivates us to expand our artistic capabilities. The magazine informs us of events that are happening in the industry around the world, tells us of educational opportunities and provides us with valuable websites and educational DVDs with additional information"
Helen Mussio Canada

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