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Testimonials from happy customers of floral design magazine

I feel anyone who subscribes to FLORAL DESIGN MAGAZINE is a winner! I tell people if they can only afford to subscribe to one overseas magazine make it FLORAL DESIGN from New Zealand it is 12 issues per year with great articles and worth the money. I love the DVD's..

Penelope C. Decker
Florida USA

I have just received you DVD and magazine. They are fantastic. They are very well made, they are beautiful and I hope they will have a lot of success. A thousand thanks.

Eliane Garrabos

The Floral Design I received is superb. I don't know how to start: with my congratulations for the quality of your photography... such beautiful work! I've been in this business for a long time but I've never seen such a quality in pictures taken at an events venue. A big thumbs up.

Sylvie Meurlet

Time for me to do my bookwork and I was wondering if you issue tax invoices at all so I can put the purchase of these awesome magazines through the business. I can't wait to have some more spare money to order another batch of back issues- I've only had my business for almost three years and i've never come across such valuable and inspiring information for this industry!

Natalie Beattie

"Love the articles and photos, so inspirational, makes you think outside of the box when arranging your flowers. I show the magazine to many others who share the same interest and encourage then to subscribe. Once again many thanks for great service from you and the team!"

Judy Line

"I love receiving my magazine as it keeps me up to date with overseas trends and designers as well ss covering the New Zealand scene. And it is great to see people I know appearing in the magazine from time to time."

Jocelyn Wright
New Zealand

"floral design magazine is the best!It is so inspirational, it keeps us connected to the latest trends around the world. It sets a very high standard for designing and motivates us to expand our artistic capabilities. The magazine informs us of events that are happening in the industry around the world, tells us of educational opportunities and provides us with valuable websites and educational DVDs with additional information.

I live in a small community on Vancouver Island in Canada. I would never know what was happening in the rest of the world in floral art without your magazine. I subscribe to other floral magazines but none are so focussed or so well written. You illustrate designs that are easy and simplistic, to ones that are difficult and advanced with detailed illustrations of the mechanics of each one. This must take a lot of time and patience. Thank you! You really take us "outside the vase."

Helen Mussio

"You sent me two free copies of floral design in March and April and I tried them out in the library. The volume of issues has been phenomenal. The magazine has been such a hit that I have just now done a subscription. Congratulations on your marketing and your excellent magazine!"

Natalie Raynel, Library Admin
New Zealand

"I have only been interested in floral design since I joined a club 2 years ago but now am addicted to learning and find your magazines a great source of information, new ideas and lessons for the beginner through to the expert."

Adele Ray

"I love floral design magazine because you take us all over the world of floral designing. I love the variety from classical to modern, from simple ideas that I can try at home to the world shows and the work of the masters. I'm often looking back through them for inspiration."

Lisa Van Noordt
New Zealand

floral design magazine is like a breath of fresh air, and I have spent many an evening reading and viewing all the arrangments, the how-tos, and so much more. Even better are that, the designs are in the style I enjoy making, modern, experimental, sometimes 'unusual', yet with timeless form, and so yes I am going to (or rather my hsband is going to) sign up for another year straight away.

Angela Algar

Thanks for sending me the magazine. Yes I LOVED IT! I'm unfamiliar with your publication. But I am very impressed with the designs and "how to/mechanics" in the finished pieces. In general, very refreshing, current and innovative. You made me a fan!!

Friston Ho'okano

"In February of this year I had the privilege to enrol in the Whitereia National Certificate in Floristry. It was my first introduction to your magzine and I used to spend hours pouring over the back copies they had there. During my time we had to, of course, describe the 14 principles and elements of design along with examples. A lot of my examples were taken from floral design but we weren't allowed to cut the magzines up!!!I did subscribe shortly after beginning the course and pour over and over it every month!! (you will let me know when my sub runs out won't you??)

Margaret Turner
New Zealand

I always enjoy reading floral design, one of the best!

Ann Hunt

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